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Georgia DPH Notice: Cervical and/or Submandibular Lymphadenitis Cluster
Pediatricians in the Atlanta metropolitan area have identified a cluster of school-aged children with cervical and/or submandibular lymphadenitis. All children have a history of a previous dental procedure. The etiologic agent is unknown but is suspected to be a non-tuberculous Mycobacterium. The Georgia Department of Public Health is actively investigating and performing additional surveillance.

As part of case-finding efforts, we ask that clinicians question parents of school-aged children in the Atlanta metropolitan area who present for care with oral abscesses or cervical or submandibular lymphadenitis about a history of dental procedures including extractions in the preceding six months.

If a history of dental care is obtained, we ask that the clinician contact Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at 404-785-3627 and request to speak with the infectious disease clinician on call at the Egleston campus to discuss the patient and assist with management.

Information on possible cases or questions about the investigation should be referred to the Georgia Department of Public Health, Acute Diseases Epidemiology Section at 404-657-2588.
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